Dear Families, The purpose of this little book is to help you in the reading of the Gospel of Luke each day in your home as a family. Pope Francis has recommended that this Gospel — called by many the “Gospel of Mercy” — accompany us in a special way during the Jubilee of Mercy in 2016… I have divided the entire Gospel of Luke into 135 segments, and I offer a brief spiritual reflection on each segment. Listening day after day to the Gospel passages and reflecting on them, we will grow in our knowledge of Jesus. We will be pressed as it were to enter into his heart and into his days: we will follow him on his trips and participate in his compassion for everyone; we will partake in his gentle manner with the little ones and the weak; we will be moved by his ability to stand with the poor; we will weep at seeing how much he loved us; we will rejoice in his resurrection which definitively defeated evil. And we will also say: “He has done all things well.” If we read the Gospel in this way we will certainly understand better who Jesus is. And knowing him, we will also know how to love him.