This book has something very precious to offer to young people on their path to maturity – something more precious than health, wealth or education. Geared as it is towards competition and success, formal education today, to a great extent, fails to inculcate positive values in children. This book is an attempt to introduce to children certain permanent values for life and thus to ensure a morally sound future generation. A life base on personal code of values brings meaning, purpose and direction to living. Clarifying your personal code of values forms a strong foundation for personal growth and development. A life consciously based on personal values is fulfilling and meaningful and may help you answer the question: what is the meaning of life? A value is a principle or quality intrinsically valuable or desirable to you. Values are personal. They are your convictions, your beliefs and your ethics rolled into one. Being grounded in the characteristics and qualities you value enables you to define who you are in the grand scheme of life, helping you answer the questions: who am I and why am I here? Through interesting stories and anecdotes the author makes a sincere and painstaking effort to drive home to parents, teachers and children alike, sound and profound messages, indispensable for the wholesome growth of all human beings. Indeed, inculcating in the young mind set of sound moral values is the greatest service one generation can do for the next.