Essentially Christian Spirituality consists in a person to person relationship with God and man. Spirituality has to do with persons and between persons (From the Foreword by Bishop Peter Fernando). Christian Spirituality is a subject that touches the life of practically every Christian, be he/she a layperson, a priest or a religious. In fact there is an acute need felt today in all Christian quarters for re-discovering a deep and meaningful way to relate to God as taught by Jesus Christ. In this unique volume Fr Antonisamy blends together his scholarship on the subject as well as his experience as a Spiritual Director of Seminarians. The book is broadly divided into four parts: The first part deals with the experience of God as the core of Christian Spirituality and the ways and means of attaining God-experience. The second part explains the various aspects of spirituality today. The third part touches on some new trends in the sphere of Christian Spirituality. The concluding part features 12 steps that would help the reader/student to grow in the experience of Christ. Although it is an essential and much-awaited textbook for seminarians and aspirants/postulants/novices to religious life, the book effectively serves the needs of the lay reader as well.