Vandana Mataj i, who lives in an Ashram in the Himalayas, and whose Sadhana Bhoomi in winter is Rishikesh by the Gangaji, has traveled and written much – always in the light of Indian Spirituality in which she specializes. Rev. Dr Amalorpavadass said of her writings that they “emerge from her own spiritual experience. She throbs with the very heart of India and thereby in incarnated identification with its reality.” Here she presents Marian theology and pirituality as an Indian woman sees the Mother of Jesus and women in her own country. She emphasizes Interiority — the antarmukhi drishti an aspect common both to Mary and to Indian Spirituality. She stresses the dual role of Mary. She is the mokshadayini by her intercession for us all as our Mother, and she can bring us all together in India and in all countries today increasingly becoming religiously pluriform. Muslims venerate her as Miriam in the Koran. Many Hindus “worship” her instinctively as the Mother. She is not unknown to the Jews. Christians, Catholics among them certainly know her as the Mother of the Lord Jesus who gave her from his cross to be the Mother of humankind.Though written for the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the author’s Alma Mater – Sophia College, Bombay – this booklet as well as its subject – Mother Mary – should interest all who are eager to be bridge-builders and peace-makers, to bring about Unity and Harmony in a war-torn, weary world, and especially in our own country corroded by easteism and communalism.