Yet another masterpiece from the author of the best-sellers Handle with, Care and Be Human, Be Holy! This book has a history: during a workshop for young people they requested the author: “Sir, you should write a book for people like us as you have written one (Handle with Care) for parents and teachers.” Fr Varkey’s answer is this brilliant book of practical psychology. A worthy sequel to Handle with Care, this book (as the author himself defines it) is an attempt to help the young and those young at heart to take a second look at themselves. More specifically, to help them ask themselves the following questions: — What am I doing now? Does what I am doing now help me attain the long-range goals of my life? — What should I be doing if I am to achieve these goals? No doubt, young people — and also those young at heart — will immensely benefit by this book as it will reveal to them the secrets of achieving their goals in life.