Designed to be used as a guide to meditate daily, make or give an eight-day retreat based on the Gospel of John, this book is a great help to experientially discover Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God, and the Life-Giver and to walk along the path of faith and love to the fullness of life and to become life-givers today. It gathers the fruits of forty years of study and reflection, prayer and meditation, making and giving J ohannine retreats. Its aim is to assist Priests, Religious, Seminarians and Laypersons to recharge their spiritual batteries and to render their life more relevant and their ministries more meaningful.The overall plan of each day of the retreat is: a) read, b) reflect, c) meditate, and d) live.  Explanations and reflections on the Gospel text, anecdotes and short stories that illustrate the spiritual truths, different kinds of meditations and contemplations are given. “Questions/Suggestions for Prayerful Reflection/ Action”  facilitate the retreatants to personalize and actualize the insights.