Be a Lighthouse

In these days of ruthless competition and expectations of excellence, mere acquisition of excellence and high professional and corporate management skills is not enough. Ultimately all success depends on personal discipline and individual performance. Whatever be our skills, we ought to know how to manage ourselves—self-discipline being the key to success. Using the ‘lighthouse’ as a powerful metaphor for all that can be good in human behaviour, the management guru Madan Saluja explores some simple steps and areas to focus on what can enable a person to enjoy a better quality of life. The purpose of this book is to re-emphasize the oft-forgotten but important values of life, such as, truth, honesty, sincerity, commitment and self management while trying to achieve laudable material goals. This book is a tool to inspire the reader to rediscover the hidden strength and practicality of these time tested values and ethics. It is a compulsory reading for all management students and upcoming managers as well as those in positions of authority to influence the ethics and value systems of corporations. ‘Be a Lighthouse’ is a unique contribution to the world of literature on leadership and self management.