This much-needed book brings to light a value as important to children as the air they breathe—self-esteem. Today almost every family has a child who may find it difficult to feel confident, make choices, appreciate success or understand failure, build lasting friendships, or express spontaneous joy. BUILDING SELF-ESTEEM IN CHILDREN offers over 60 effective, practical principles to help parents and other concerned adults develop healthy relationships with children and foster the attitude and atmosphere in which self-esteem can flourish. BUILDING SELF -EST EEM IN CHILDREN presents these techniques clearly and simply and offers real-life examples to show how each technique can be used. B UILDIN G SELF-ESTEEM IN CHILDREN is grounded on sound psychology and basic values, and will be used and appreciated by all adults concerned With the emotional and spiritual well- being of children in their care. “Refreshingly simple and down-to-earth. I wish I’d had this book when my children Were young.” —Muriel James