“I am not good enough.” “I am a failure.” “Other people can do things, but I just can’t.” “I am not lovable.” If you recognize yourself in any of these statements, then this book is for you. It is written for all those who suffer from low self-esteem, who lack confidence in themselves—and if we are honest, that is probably most of us.

Sue Atkinson knows what it means to lack self-esteem. As a child she was persistently told that she was no good, useless, ugly and a terrible person. As an adult she has spent many years hiding behind a ‘wall’, afraid to come out into the open where she might be hurt or rejected. In this book, she shares her experiences of trying to creep out from behind the wall and, in so sharing, she hopes that readers will recognize something of their own struggle and will gain encouragement and confidence. Building Self-Esteem is very down-to-earth and offers readers exercises and positive pointers for reflection. It is a book to work through slowly and to dip into as time and energy allow. It will reward perseverance and give spiritual as well as practical insight. For many, it will be the first step along the road towards self-confidence.