To change your habits, you must first change your mind! Perhaps you have a habit you would love to replace with a new, healthier one. Unfortunately, it is far too easy to procrastinate or make excuses when it comes to making better choices. When work isn’t so busy, When the holidays are over, When I have more money, When I’m not so tired. Believe it or not, change is possible! The book in your hands is about making the “when” happen “now”. Lifestyle coach Danna Demetre takes you on a 40-day journey that reveals how an “inside-out” approach can result in dynamic and lasting change. Discover how to: – identify your unhealthy thoughts and replace them with healthy ones. – maximize your energy in simple ways by eating right and staying active. – achieve true rest and regeneration. – use a daily journal to move toward permanent change. –  and much more! Whether your goal is losing weight, kicking a smoking habit, or improving fitness and vitality, a healthy and more satisfying life can be yours! Replace your old negative mind-set with new healthier messages that move you toward the person God designed you to be.