“Jnana-Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune, has undertaken a voyage to narrate the story of Christianity in India. It’s a voyage that has a definite beginning, but no ending…. It gives us a glimpse into the forms and beliefs of Catholic Christianity in India; it treats of its relationship to other Christian communities and to persons in India touched by Christianity. This narrative also highlights the positive outreach of Christianity to other religions and reflects on the contributions of  thinkers and mystics from other traditions. The dynamics of the socio-political movements in the Indian sub- continent has impacted the Christian persuasions and vice-versa. All these find an echo in this narrative, shaping this into a very special Christian discourse. Dialogue rather than polemics marks the style of this narrative. In the religious, social, cultural and political map of India, Christianity inhabits a tiny but significant space; its texture and colour have taken deep roots in the national psyche. However this has not been made sufficiently visible to itself, to the nation and to other traditions. A Concise Encyclopaedia of Christianity in India is a step in that direction.” – From the Foreword by George Pattery, SJ