The Latin root of “religion” is religare – “to bind tightly”. So, genuine religion means a person-to-person connection with God. Anyone can sit through endless rituals, initiations, hymns and homilies, but if that felt linkage that all too vital person-to-Person connection—isn’t there, there’s no authentic religion. And that person-to-Person connection is What this volume is intended to set in motion by way of interesting conversation starters that cannot but help two friends bond big time! Neither religious presentations nor religious education are religion. Praying is. Here is a resource comprising 52 Weeks of prayers and reflections helpful for times When Words fail us. Designed to still our minds and open our hearts to the presence of love and the Wisdom that is our real source and sustainer, it is a one-of-a-kind armchair reader that can be used not only day after day but year after year!