Alleluia! Truth has triumphed! This triumph, which we celebrate in the person of the Risen Christ, is the heart of our Easter celebration. Indeed, if Christ hath not risen, Truth would not have triumphed and our faith would thus have been in vain. Helping us to appreciate better this beautiful mystery enacted daily at Mass is this book which has reflections on the daily Mass Readings, right from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday (covering all the cycles, A, B & C). As such, this book would be of immense help to: Priests, Religious and lay people for prayerfully meditating on the Word of God. Priests for introducing the day’s Mass with a comment on its overriding theme. Every Mass-goer to literally live the daily Eucharist. All in all, the contents of this book aim at enabling its users as persons possessed by the Spirit to live out the truth of the Paschal mystery in our lives.