Lent is the opportune time to grow in our desire for God and in a deeper appreciation of our heritage as the members of the redeemed people. This calls for introspection. Aiding us in that introspection is this book that has reflections on the Readings and prayers of daily Mass during the entire season of Lent. Each reflection draws the reader’s attention to a particular theme that then lingers on, serving as it does as a source of spiritual nourishment throughout the day and even longer. This book (which will take care of all three cycles, A, B & C, right from Ash Wednesday to Easter Vigil) will be of immense help to: Priests, Religious and lay people for prayerfully meditating on the Word of God. Priests for introducing the day’s Mass with a comment on its overriding theme. Every Mass-goer to literally live the daily Eucharist.