The key to personality development lies within every individual. How to use that key is what this book is all about. The author aptly dwells on adolescence, the period of change. A steady buildup includes knowing and understanding the self, which in essence is the basis of onward development in your personality. And before you know it, the door to the growth of your personality stands open! As you read through, you will begin to ascertain as to how best to be yourself, affirm your human potential, backed by the values you imbibe along life’s pathway. You gradually see how your personality finds fulfilment in developing and expressing the loving side of your nature. Other aspects touched upon include the place friendship holds in the formation of the adolescent personality. At the heart of the book is the author’s own life experience as an adolescent. Dr Alphonse recalls succinctly the feeling of satisfaction experienced in the course of his own adolescent growth. The fruit of such growth is bound to leave a lasting impression on every adolescent as it has on him.