Here is a little volume that takes you directly to the core of Christian spirituality. Fr Aloysius Kattady focuses on two central themes of Christian spirituality, namely, Surrender and Forgiveness and goes on to show how these twin themes are vital to Christian living, and how they can be effective means in our efforts to be Christ-like. The author points out that these were central to the life and ministry of Jesus himself. While his Vertical Relationship with his Father resulted in his Surrender to the Father’s Will, his Horizontal Relationship with his fellow humans found its beautiful expression in Forgiveness of Enemies. For us too, surrender is the summit of our relationship with God, forgiveness is the climax of our relationship with our neighbour. Surrender is the surest way to the heart of God and to being named his beloved; forgiveness, similarly, is the infallible way to the heart of our neighbour and of intimacy with the person concemed. While Surrender is the vertical beam of Christ’s Cross, Forgiveness is its horizontal beam. It is only in the path of surrender and forgiveness that we can walk closely with the Crucified Lord. Total surrender to God and unconditional forgiveness of others are two of the greatest tenets of Christian Spirituality.