Students of English language will welcome this comprehensive course which will help them express themselves intelligently and effectively in speech and writing. The difficulties experienced by students to grasp the niceties and finer points of “good English” have been taken into account. Valuable aids to accuracy and elegance in expression are offered. The author, an experienced Teacher of English, having studied under an outstanding Jesuit Teacher from England, brings the rich fund of his practical knowledge to bear on the problems that confront Indian students in mastering what to them is essentially a foreign language. The dry bones of words, phrases, idioms and grammatical usage have been clothed with “flesh and blood” and given life, in practical examples. This part will whet the appetite of students to know more about “PROVERBS” and help them write better and brighter English. Other parts in this series: Part 1 – WORDS Part 2 – IDIOMS Part 4 – GRAMMAR Part 5 – ESSAYS