Facts! Facts! And more facts! Facts it is what improve a person’s knowledge. And knowledge it is that changes a person’s outlook for the better. This book is a mine of information that could add immensely to the treasury of a child’s knowledge. The information concerning facts contained in this volume has been arranged in ten categories, viz., Geography, History, Religion & Mythology, Literature, India, Science, Flora & Fauna, Entertainment, Sports and Miscellaneous, with the answers to all these queries. Section ll lists the names and nationalities of the winners of the Nobel Prize in all its six categories, i.e., Chemistry, Economics, Science, Literature, Medicine, Peace and Physics, spanning the period 1901 to 2005. Besides enriching a school student’s knowledge, this book can serve as a reference manual to college youth as well and help update the information bank of any adult whose appetite for information continues to remain alive with the passage of time!