Here is a soliloquy of the feminine faith. It is a praise worthy attempt by the author at reading and interpreting her Catholic faith in her own feminine Way. It makes abundantly clear that sexual difference is not simply physical; We are deeply sexual. The Way we see, speak, understand, feel and act are sexual. Even our faith and spirituality have a sexual dimension. Dr Rosy Thampy beautifully explores such avenues of spiritual understanding in the experiences of love, pregnancy, childbearing, delivery, breast-feeding, teaching, writing and relationships. Human beings are blessed with the fire of passion, which blooms differently in man and woman. She writes with a passion of faith reasonably tempered with love taught by Christ. And here we find the motherly warmth and lactating love of God expressed through feminine eyes. This book will certainly inspire both men and women to seek the feminine dimensions of life and thus enrich their lives.