Francis Of Assisi and the Consecrated Life

St Francis of Assisi, one of the best loved saints in Christendom, is considered a model for those in religious life. Combining in one and the same way of life both contemplation and action, Francis began an innovation in consecrated life that was to become and remain the common pattern in the Church for nearly eight centuries. His message for all religious, i.e. for all consecrated persons, is this: No one can achieve holiness except by following Jesus Christ, and that following Jesus Christ is possible only by making His Gospel life one’s own. Indeed, intimate affiliation to the person of Jesus Christ and putting His Gospel into practice were the two hinges on which the door of Francis’ model of consecrated life was swung open to the realm of holiness in the Church. Throwing light on the unique contribution made by St Francis himself to the Consecrated Life, and tracing Francis’ imitation of the Gospel way of life, this book, outlines in simple language that very way, making it easy for the reader to draw the maximum benefit from understanding and living the Consecrated way of life to the full.