Humour is the best antidote to boredom. Good public speakers use jokes and humorous anecdotes to enliven their speech and engage their audience. Humour is also a great leveller, cutting as it does across caste, class and status. The ability to laugh at the funny side of life concerning others also helps us to laugh out loud at our own follies and foibles. Put differently, a timely chuckle could save us a quite a few wrinkles on our countenance while a hearty laugh might even help ward off a heart attack! That in essence is the focus of this book! From Humour to Inspiration takes you beyond side-splitting laughter, gradually leading you to ponder over the more significant things that influence life. Teilhard de Chardin says: “Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God.” The inspirational messages, thought-provoking reflections, apt scriptural quotes and pithy sayings included herein render the book an invaluable companion for everyone, be it a casual reader or public speaker, preacher or teacher, helping reader, speaker and listener alike to look at life from a refreshingly new perspective.