Sex education, treated with openness and care, has never been so important. Young people deserve correct information on their own sexual development. But a lesson in human biology is not enough: it is also essential to foster the highest moral attitudes and standards. The maturity and good citizenship of tomorrow’s adults depends on a balanced education today. Lucienne Pickering writes from her experience as youth counsellor and mother of five grown-up children. Set within an easily-read and lifelike story of a young person growing up, the facts of life are simply presented in the context of the reader’s growing understanding and respect for herself and others. Girls Talk is written for girls of age 12 to 16, though parents may feel that their children are ready for it at an earlier age. It is intended not only as a personal guide for the adolescent but also as a means of communication and open discussion between parent and child. Parents Listen is complementary to Girls Talk and Boys Talk: it shows the importance of good communication between parent and child throughout childhood and adolescence, and suggests ways in which dialogue can be kept open even through teenage difficulties.