The disciples of Jesus, filled with awe and wonder at his frequent recourse to prayer and his constant communion with the Father, had asked him to teach them to pray. In response, he presented to them his relationship plan between God and man in the prayer Our Father. On the one hand it has a uniquely fixed structure, yet, on the other, it is always inexhaustibly new. This book invites the reader to meditate and pray a series of well articulated reflections on the Our Father which, described as “the greatest of all works of art”, conveys various messages, ever new and real, our emotions and expectations never being the same each time we recite it. Notes of trust in the Father, expressive of the joy of belonging to His family, are spread across the book which concludes on a note of caution: Don’t say, Amen, if you have neither understood nor taken seriously the words of the Our Father in its entirety.