St. Paul was obviously a child of his time, a man whose life and thought were shaped by conflicting cultures and religions of the day. What set him apart was the conviction that he had found, when gripped by God in the person of Christ on the road to Damascus, the unifying reality for life in this living person Jesus Christ. Intent on interpreting this reality across the boundaries of race and religion, Paul has expressed his experiential insight concerning the gracious act of God in the person and work of Jesus Christ in a language understandable to him and the people to whom he wrote his letters. However, his basic message shines out brilliantly and evocatively, transcending all barriers of language, race or culture. His message rings clear and authentic, because it is genuinely human, touching the core of every human heart in search of an authentic human existence, which finds true peace and joy in both its divine and human dimensions. Dr. George Soares Prabhu, S.J. , a. renowned Scripture scholar, says about the book: “While being based on sound scholarship, it retains a readability and an inspiring quality that puts it within the grasp of the ordinary, but initiated Christian. I feel this work would be of great help to students of Theology as well as to Religious and layfolk in general.”