This book is a how-to-do-it guide to group discussion and deals with the various aspects of the formation and building of groups. It will be useful for personality formation, seminars, social work agencies and groups, student organisations, youth groups, women’s associations, business training courses, mar-riage encounter groups, group guidance classes, training courses for village activists and cadres for development and transformation, etc. It will also be of help for training in the arts of democracy, in the ability to speak out one’s mind and think on one’s feet, and, above all, to exchange ideas and to plan and act in unison with others. It is also designed to enable the facilitator of group discussions to acquire the necessary competence and facility to catalyse his group to achieve the objectives they look for. The secret of group formation lies in the ability of people to work together. But to work together it will be necessary to trust one another and to communicate with one another. This book contains several well tried out exercises which can help groups to develop these qualities. The Section on the Social Activist provides some key insights and exercises which he can profitably integrate into his work of educating and organising the people for the movement to bring about social transformation.