The great philosopher, Immanuel Kant, once said: “The Bible is the inexhaustible fountain of all truths. The existence of the Bible is the greatest blessing which humanity ever experienced.” And Cardinal Newman once stated: “I read my Bible to know what people ought to do and my newspaper to know what they are doing.” Words of wisdom, indeed, that force us to reflect! We need to read the Bible to know what we ought to do and how we are to live our lives. In order to understand what the Bible tells us we have to study it closely and attentively. This book will enable its readers to study the Bible seriously, understand its message for them and realize its demands upon them. This book is the fruit of a teamwork by two eminent Biblical scholars, and now it appears in a thoroughly revised new edition. It has been prepared bearing in mind the needs of the students of theology who make a serious study of the Bible. But it will also prove to be an invaluable guide for all those who wish to delve deeper into the Word of God.