Here is a book for all ages and all degrees of culture. It is  written in “the language of the little ones”, yet the profound depths of meaning defy even the mind of the savant. The great historian Daniel Rops described it as “an astonishing and beautiful story” and placed it among “the most authentic masterpieces of spiritual literature”. “He and I” is the story of God and Gabrielle—Gabrielle Bossis—a French woman, born in 1874, who has given us a document that is not  only timely but timeless, for it reaches ahead into the future—our future—“the new age of enlightenment” that has already dawned. Gabrielle Bossis was the very antithesis of the classical saint and mystic so often presented to us. She travelled widely, was wealthy and enjoyed exuberant health until the illness that carried her away in 1950. The writer of the short biographical sketch of her in “He and I” summarized her gift to us all, young and old. For her testament she left us “the peaceable record of Heaven”. Heaven. . .not for tomorrow in some far off Elysian field, but an eternal NOW, here as hereafter, by our atonement with Him in the Christ consciousness.