We have inherited a broken world. And our own country is wounded and bleeding to death because of injustice, oppression, violence, flagrant violations of human rights and a host of other social evils. Our only hope lies in our young people. They are the promise of today and the hope of tomorrow. They can heal this wounded world. They can mend this broken country. If we want our young people to become agents of change and social transformation, we have to educate, motivate and empower them to play this crucial role effectively. It has been the long-felt need of educators and youth ministers to have some adequate training material for this purpose. HEAL THE WORLD is a response to that need. HEAL THE WORLD is a unique resource book based on long years of experience in animating youth groups and training youth workers. Every session in HEAL THE WORLD has been carefully designed to help young people to become consciously aware of the serious socio-economic and political problems widely prevalent in our country—injustice, oppression, violence, human rights violations, and a host of other social evils. The experiential and participative methods used in every session in the book are active, alive and creative. They will, without fail, absorb the participants’ attention, stimulate interest, ensure active involvement and inspire young people to action. The sessions are complete with simple, clear and detailed instructions for the Animator to conduct them easily and effectively. Every session in HEAL THE WORLD will undoubtedly be an enjoyable, exciting and enriching experience, both for the participants and the Animators.