A book that showcases both the godly face of hospitality and the humaneness of this holy virtue! Tracing the development of this virtue right across the Bible, the book takes the reader on a journey of delightful encounters so to say. As one reads through one starts becoming familiar with the different aspects and varied facets of the virtue of hospitality. One begins to see it as a key to the House of Divinity.

Hospitality is evidenced as a key responsibility at a time when inhospitable traits rule the human psyche. Interestingly, the New Testament brings us face to face with Jesus’ own teaching on hospitality. And as one begins to revel in the brand of hospitality associated with Jesus, the stranger in the person one encounters gives way to Jesus the guest who, in turn, brings us a taste of redeeming hospitality. Given the kind of hospitality Jesus himself was shown and shows, the reader begins to feel the protective, caring and joyous nature of hospitality.