“Don’t worry. Things will get better soon.” “Everything will be fine.” “It’ll all work out for the best.” Have you heard these or other polite cliches on suffering? David B. Biebel has. When his son died of a rare genetic disorder, Biebel heard many of these sincere but inadequate words of comfort from friends and family but still struggled with one question: if God is so good, why do I hurt so bad? In this powerful book, Biebel leaves behind the all-too- familiar platitudes and instead offers the unvarnished truth about the pain of illness, death, divorce, financial ruin, and more. With keen insight and a Christian outlook, Biebel puts God right by your side to help you sort through your hurt and see the value in your trials. His real-life examples and honest approach will help you turn pain into a meaningful journey towards hope and happiness.