“The right to life means allowing people to LIVE and not killing, allowing them to GROW, to eat, to be educated to be HEALED and to be permitted to die with DIGNITY.” —Pope Francis.

Well, can anyone disagree with Pope Francis on the right to live? Is that not the truth for you and me and for the whole of humankind? The throb and pain of the human heart is the same for all people. Surely in all the various situations of life, one has to choose, cherish and celebrate the precious gift of life. This book “I’m Pro-Life, Are You?” is a celebration of 20 years of the author’s Pro-life work. Are you aware of the various Pro-life issues and the prevalent anti-life mentality of humankind? They trouble the mind and disturb our peace. Don’t you want to deepen your understanding of the crucial anti-life issues like Abortion, Homosexuality, Euthanasia, Pornography etc.?

Read this book to become Pro-Life. It will help you understand life issues and you will then be eager to educate others to produce a generation of Pro-lifers.