Journalism in India is no longer a vocation, but a profession catering mainly to the interests of the rich, the famous and the powerful. Mushrooming of magazines with sole profit motive has only added to the ignorance of the people, and not their enlightenment. Twenty-four hours TV news perhaps has become more a curse than a blessing. The new motto seems to be to serve the big business and the government, not the people and society. Often the press creates a smoke-screen to hide its real objective and beguiles people into thinking in a manner it wants them to. The frequent terrorist attacks, the perceived divisions in Indian society based on caste, religion and region are swallowed in as heaven-sent boon for the media. Media tends to exaggerate these divisions and seeks to thrive on the ensuing conflicts. Conflicts and controversies are at times strategic instruments used by the media for marketing. Unsuspecting media consumers are led to believe the myth that the media gives every view point and every section of the society an opportunity to be heard. With a couple of exceptions mainstream media has become like film media celebrity affairs & marriages, lost dogs, drunken brawls and trivial headline news, and the sellout of mainstream media is complete. Indian Media’s credibility seems to be on a downswing.