For the past three decades Indian theologians have been meeting every year in theological workshops to decipher the intricate Indian realities and to explore ‘new ways of theologizing’ with openness to radical changes both in the Church and in the society. The person who contributed the lion’s share in bringing together the recent generation of Indian theologians is Fr Joseph Constantine Manalel. This volume contains the essays in honour of J. C. Manalel on the occasion of his Navati. Part I is a tribute to him. Part II highlights the imperative and dynamics of theologizing in context. Part III, the heart of the volume, deals with theologizing in the actual context of the plurality of India’s ancient religions and cultures. Seeking an authentic contextual theology, many relevant questions are raised. To be or to become a Christian is it necessary to accept the Semitic world-view or the Greek philosophical categories? What is hindering the Christian faith from becoming equally at home in the context of India’s cultural and religious realities, as it became in Rome, Greece and Syria by subsequently becoming Roman, Greek and Syrian in its expressions? Part IV deals with the various aspects of theology’s partnership with the human and social sciences. Part V focuses on the ultimate goal of all theologizing as the ‘integral liberation’ of humanity and the entire creation. Theologizing in context calls for a new paradigm shift in the ‘mission’ of the Church and for a new spirituality’ by being ‘a little flock’, the catalyst, the ‘leaven and salt’ for a new humanity.