The call to be an instrument of God’s love and peace is at the heart of Christian faith and is the basis of all Catholic pastoral care – for children, families, the elderly, the housebound, the sick, the dying, the grieving. This book acknowledges the serious issues involved in this ministry and offers sound and practical advice and support. The author explores the Scriptural basis for pastoral care with a special emphasis on the ministry of Jesus; and how the Church in its history and tradition has developed its own unique spiritual and sacramental responses and resources. Deep and difficult questions about suffering are considered, the mystery of God’s love is affirmed, and the importance of companionship and hospitality is stressed. Prayer is central to the Catholic approach to pastoral care and the book contains sound and helpful advice and resources, including a series of Stations of the Cross that combine prayer with aspects of illness and grief. This book, written from a Catholic perspective, will be invaluable for anyone wishing to know more about caring for a loved one or who is involved professionally in ministry within the Catholic community. It is a simplified collection of diverse perspectives, essential information and practical advice for pastoral ministry with the young, aging, ill, dying and grieving.