‘Inward Journey’ is a sincere effort of the author to share the goodness and the importance of Meditation in everyone’s life. It deals with the subject that is divided into three parts. The First Part – deals with theoretical explanation of Meditation. The Second and the Third Parts deal with the three ways: contemplative, devotional and active Meditation while at the same time proposing practical models. The three models are Gnana Marga, Bhakthi Marga and Karma Marga. Interesting to note is the last exercise: Surya Namaskara. It is an active Meditation in the line of Karma Marga; it is presented in a Way that Christians can do this exercise prayerfully by using the ‘Magnificat’ — the Song of Mary. This book, on the whole, gives a deeper knowledge about Meditation. And it is also an effort to integrate other Asian traditions with the Christian tradition in the line of Meditation.