This beautiful book brings you heart-warming stories from the lives of simple, ordinary people. No one ever thought their lives could make much of a difference. And yet these stories show how they have touched other lives and made a great difference as they responded to people and situations with a caring and loving heart. Indeed this is a treasure trove of simple acts of human kindness and compassion which will certainly infect you as you read on and make of you a more humane person. The heroes in this book have themselves been transformed through their acts of kindness to others. In fact, as the author puts it, “These people have become part of the whole transformative process. By these simple acts of kindness, their belief in themselves, in their innate goodness and in their own capacity has grown. In a word, by giving life they have become more alive and more human; by becoming more human, they have partaken blissfully in the cup of the divine.”