Jesus Christ gives a rich and satisfying life to those who follow him. (John 10.-10) This Promise of Jesus is nothing short of astounding. And it seems so simple. But if it’s true, shouldn’t all believers be living rich and satisfying lives? Wouldn’t we stop spending so much effort trying to find happiness and meaning in our possessions, work, money, and other things that don‘t last? Driven by these questions, popular author and speaker Bill Perkins determined there must be a way to test this promise and find out if following in Jesus’ footsteps really is the key to an abundant life. The Jesus Experiment is an incredible opportunity to discover for yourself, in a more personally satisfying way than ever before, whether Christ’s simple promise is true. What if you were able to face your own life situations in the same way Jesus faced his? What if you were able to grow close to him in new and deeper ways? Would you experience fulfillment beyond anything you‘d ever imagined? This simple tool will help you discover how to become more like Jesus in your faith, character, and relationships and take you on a journey to the abundant life you’ve always wanted.