This is a book based on three specific premises, viz., on the author’s own life experiences, the experiences of the numerous people he has come in contact with and on the numerous Retreat Talks he has given over the past two decades to seminarians, nuns and priests. Through the rich contents of this book, the author shows how from brokenness, we can find meaning in life if We but make place for prayer in our busy lives. A deep and vibrant prayer life, together with a total acceptance of God’s plan for us, a willingness to respond to His call to conversion and a desire to act on His call to forgive unconditionally is what could go to make life’s journey one of joy and contentment. The value of this book is further enhanced by the fact that the author draws inspiration for all his talks and writings from various disciplines of spirituality, besides Christian spirituality. These disciplines include yogic and Buddhist forms of meditation that are in tune with Gospel values and also other disciplines such as aerobic exercises.