Human nature per se is a mixture of good and evil. As such we have within us the capacity to do good as well as the tendency to be bad — an ongoing battle between the animal and the angel within us. And so, there are moments when we do good things with lots of love and goodness at heart so also moments when we allow the hatred and selfishness within us to get the better of us. Our discipline, character and personality depend upon the level of success in our day-to- day fight against the animal that prompts us to indulge in things evil. There is no gainsaying the fact that, imperfect though we all are, we differ from one another only in the level of our effort to develop the virtues of respectability and reliability, thus becoming increasingly loving in our day-to-day life and thus more acceptable. KEYS TO LIFE’S THRILLS helps provide as many exit points as possible so that, through self- introspection on 15 specific areas of our life, the worst within us leaves us speedily, thus allowing the best within us to bloom and shine bright, spreading rich fragrance all around!