Success is not an accident nor a magical thing reserved for a favored few, but rather an inevitable result of a prescribed way of thinking and acting. Although it is never alike for any two individuals, the methods of attaining it are alike for all men. Success for any individual human being is the using of his own unique talents and potentialities according to known ways of making them most effective. Through the short essays contained in this book, the author shows convincingly that man himself is largely the shaper of his own life; he is the sculptor who moulds its form; he is the artist who creates of it a masterpiece if he wills, not by living in regrets for past mistakes and in activities but rather by a life of positive action for the good; learns the rules of success and happiness and abides by them; he determines to do only that which is right and follows the course with confidence and assurance. For the rest, he places himself “under the feathers of God and knows that under His wings he can trust”.