Here you have short but comprehensive sketches of nine luminaries of India whose light and influence reach beyond the national boundaries. Each of them is noted in his unique way for merit, originality and creativity in the religio-socio-cultural field. Their deep religious spirit, faith in God, service to humanity, purity of intention, utter sincerity, genuine goodness, original thinking, vast knowledge, fortitude, endurance, spirit of sacrifice, dynamic force and creative energy are really impressive. We cannot but admire their spirit of brotherhood, simplicity of life, considerate nature and sense of dignity. They enlighten us with their teaching and encourage us with their example. Knowing them will make you happy and proud. In them you will experience the best of what is human elevated by the Divine. The book inspires patriotism, awakens the social sense, and offers a new vision and a fresh spiritual impulse. Amazing discoveries, delightful surprises, convincing characters and persuading perspectives await you in these pages. Here you will find something beautiful and precious that you have always desired. You will enjoy the company of these great but simple persons and benefit greatly from them