Drastic and pervasive changes are these days taking the globe by storm. As a result, existing knowledge and skills are becoming obsolete within a short span of time. Unless people keep on picking up the new knowledge and skills as they come, they will be handicapped and will not be able to move in rhythm with the changing needs of ever-changing times. Sound knowledge- base, knowledge of cognitive and meta-cognitive strategies are now found to be the major components of effective learning. When people broaden their knowledge base, come to grips with various cognitive and meta-cognitive strategies and start learning on their own, they will gradually move from the level of novices through the level of apprentices to the level of specialists and experts. People can learn through the material given in the book on their own, at their own pace, time and a place convenient to them. The book marshals a fine array of tactics and strategies with a view to helping people activate their prior knowledge, broaden their knowledge base, and build up a large repertoire of cognitive and meta-cognitive strategies. With all these, the volume is expected to transform people into life-long effective self-directed learners in the long run.