Let the Real You Stand Up is highly motivational in content. In particular, the book lays great stress on the uniqueness of each person. “You are created original, don’t die a copy,” writes John Mason, the American motivational author, in his book with the same title. The thoughts expressed by John Mason in the above book have considerably influenced the author in the process of writing Let the Real You Stand Up! Alfonso Elengikal believes that each person is uniquely created, and each one of us should be proud of our unique individuality, and of who we really are! Becoming fully aware of what you are created to be, and living your potential to its fullest is the best way you can pay true homage to the Creator. Any attempt at “copying” someone else, trying to be what you are not, will only destroy the purpose you are created for. The book is sure to help the reader encounter the marvel that he/she is within, and become aware of the great potential that God has equipped him/her with.