A carefully researched and winsomely written book that skilfully illustrates how God mediates transforming grace through our God-created body and its senses, besides offering much-needed correctives to our misguided understanding of the Genesis account of human creation and of what holistic formation into Christ likeness and optimal health is about. Jesus modeled wholeness and holiness when he came to earth in human form, thus accentuating the relationship between spirit, mind and body. In an engaging contribution towards that relationship, the book provides a more integrated view of wholeness and holiness of the life of the human body within the greater Body of Christ. What makes the book highly practical is the exercises at the end of each chapter that will help the reader to assimilate the concepts dwelt upon. Resultantly, we shall discover grace-filled ways to experience abundant life in Christ and, becoming wiser, more attuned to Christ and thus better able to care for others, begin to expect, along with the apostle Paul that Christ will be exalted in our body.