The greatest gift in life is life itself. Life in its variety, in its abundance, in its tragedy, in its ecstasy. Scientists have been able to describe life, not define it. Poets have been able to admire life, not comprehend it. Philosophers have been able to contemplate life, not capture it. Mystics have been able to encounter life, not explain it. Under the following headings: – Life Is Beautiful: Enjoy It. – Life Is Fragile: Foster It. – Life Is Relational: Share It – Life Is Paradoxical: Encounter It – Life Is Fascinating: Contemplate It – Life Is: Be. A modest attempt is made to dwell on the sacredness, profundity and lessons that can be drawn from life, so that we can collectively contemplate it and foster it. The aim of this book Written in verse form, adorned with quotes and questions is to enable the reader to relish the depth and beauty of our own selves. Life: Relish It is a sequel to Love.” Be It.