LIVE YOUR VALUES —The Student’s Workbook is the companion volume of LIVE YOUR VALUES—The Teacher’s Guide. This Workbook is uniquely planned and designed to assure the active participation and involvement of the young persons in every session presented. The Student’s Workbook contains Worksheets, quizzes, questionnaires, puzzles, role plays, case studies, test, rating scales, games… everything required for the sessions presented in the Teacher’s Guide. Each session, though guided by the teacher or group animator, leads to the student’s own reflections and decisions, and to a personal or group action plan. The book provides clear instructions and space to record these things, making it possible for them to compare, to measure and evaluate their progress. The ultimate aim is not merely to have interesting sessions—though this is important too—but above all to help the students to discover, clarify, and develop their values, leading them to change and growth. The first section of the book includes some brief theoretical input on values, value conflicts and changing values. This may prove to be valuable information. If the Student’s Workbook is used intelligently together with its larger companion volume the Teacher’s Guide, there is no doubt every session will prove to be an exciting learning and growing experience for the participants.