A Devotional Commentary

This book offers a rare opportunity to come to know Jesus through the eyes of St Mark. Readers will experience the gospel as though living and walking in the times when Jesus lived. Because this is a devotional commentary, readers will experience Jesus’ life, his ministry, and his death and resurrection in full panoramic view. They will understand Jesus’ words and actions, the times and culture in which he lived, and the many themes that run through Mark, in a new and fresh way. Each chapter and verse will come alive as the reader prayerfully journeys through this exciting gospel! Just as he was about to invite a rich young man to become one of his disciples, Jesus looked upon him with great love (Mark 10:21). It was a moment of tenderness and compassion, a moment when Jesus offered the young man a glimpse into the love that could change his whole life if he would but embrace it. It is this look oflove that Jesus invites all of us to experience when we read this gospel. Through the writings ofpeople like St Mark, we can encounter Jesus and be transformed by him. Whether we are reading about his miracles, his teachings to his followers, or his death and resurrection, our hearts can be moved by Jesus ‘love for us and our minds can be filled with the truth of his gospel. These are the goals we had in mind when we set out to produce this devotional commentary. — Leo Zanchettin, General Editor