MATTHEW: A Devotional Commentary is a unique opportunity to meet Jesus more completely in the first Gospel. Readers vs ill understand the setting for Jesus’ words and actions, the social climate, and themes that run as undercurrents through Matthew. Unlike any other commentary, however, this one is devotional —enabling readers to meet Jesus and be inspired by him as they read and learn about the passages day by day. One reviewer said: “Why a new commentary on the Gospel according to Matthew? What makes this one different? A cursory reading of a few pages provides the answer: As a “devotional commentary”, this one focuses on the practical application of the Gospel to daily living. The words and deeds of Jesus, so rich and varied, are seen as addressed ultimately to each one of us, inviting us to true discipleship. How are we to respond? What are we to do? With considerations drawn from human experience and the life of the church throughout the ages, the commentary aims to capture some of the wisdom that the Holy Spirit has shared with saints and scholars over the centuries.” — Fr Joseph F. Wimmer, OSA, STD. There is a meditation for each passage in Matthew – 120 in all -and they are accompanied by the complete text of Matthew from the RSV Bible. May this Devotional Commentary fulfil the aims expressed in the Introduction: “Wouldn’t it be exciting if we could have a personal conversation with the authors who first captured the words and deeds of Jesus in the gospels… The best thing of all would be to learn more about our Friend and Saviour as a Person.”