SELF -EMPOWERMENT is a term that we get to hear very frequently nowadays. But what does it mean to be empowered? Is it something that we obtain externally? Is it a specialized training that we obtain in any particular field? The answer to both the questions is an emphatic NO. Empowerment is about realizing our own potentials. Being “Empowered” is about working towards removing the doubts regarding our own potentials and capacities. Empowerment is about the journey of changing our belief from “I can’t” to “I CAN”. Counselling similarly, is not about offering solutions, but about helping a person see the solution. The art of counselling is in understanding this subtle difference between helping a counsellee and empowering a counsellee to help himself/herself. MENDING THE MIND is an attempt to show the means to realize these potentials in a student, a counsellee, a patient or the self. The novelty and uniqueness of this book lies in the perspective in which behaviour is presented. This perspective, besides its simplicity, also allows an integration of Western Psychology with Eastern Philosophy.