“Being cheerful keeps you healthy. It is slow death to be gloomy all the time.” So goes an old saying (Prov 17:22, Bible). This book is almost a take-off from that saying! Laughter can be produced both by fiction that amuses as well as by things that amaze. But helping people stay healthy by way of lifting the pall of gloom and having them rock with laughter is no laughing matter. Rather, it is serious business. And that business, Judson K Cornelius has taken seriously enough to prompt him to bring out this collection of anecdotes concerning real life as well fictional happenings and of facts that provoke not just laughter but also thought. Each little item herein, caricaturing just about anyone from monks to bishops and cardinals, and from nuns to saints, for once making them a ‘laughing stock’ or the butt of jokes, hits the funny bone whereby the reader is tickled into a chuckle or made to burst into laughter! Furthermore, the clean nature of each item makes More Church Humour absolutely safe for use by anyone from every point of view. Be it preacher, teacher or public speaker, all will find its use very practical, given the comprehensive division of the book into easily referable sections. In fact, even youth and children could derive much satisfaction from occasionally flipping through it. After all, whatever can bring about unadulterated mirth cannot but be an asset to healthy fun